Jan Patek Quilts is a small company and was started to serve the needs of customers who wanted to be able to make a quilt just like Jan.  Jan’s main focus is being a designer.  We have 2 part time employees and do our best to serve our customers. 

We live and work outside of a small rural town.  Neither the internet nor the postal service work at the rate city dwellers are used to.  We are not Amazon.com. nor do we want to be.

We are working on the problems with shipping, the chart below is where I get the total shipping cost. If an overcharge occurs I will refund the difference immediately. 

We are now able to send a confirmation email when your order ships, the exception being orders for single patterns or items weighing less than 3.5 ounces. The shipping charges have changed and there is a 3.00 handling fee.  If for any reason the actual charges differ from the total charged we will refund the difference via PayPal. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but again, we are not Amazon.

Please allow 7 - 10 days for processing & mailing time of domestic orders.  During exceptionally busy times (September - December) orders can take additional time for processing, due to higher volume of orders.  International customers please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery of orders.  If your order hasn’t gotten to you in a timely manner, please contact Tammie at 816-632-7632 or email her at janpatekquilts@centurylink.net and we will do our best to get back to you.

How to order


Please be assured that our website is safe and secure. PayPal is the processing company that we use for our online shopping cart, which is the safest way to shop on the internet.

  Check out faster-no need to enter your payment and shipping info

  Shop online with us without exposing your financial details

  Pay online with your PayPal balance, bank account, or any major credit card

REMEMBER, we do not have access to your credit card numbers or information.  When you click PAY, you are paying us...we do not run your credit card.  The funds will be charged to your account at that time.


Call and place your order at (816) 632-7632, using your Credit Card.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover.  Our office hours are Monday - Friday 10:00 - 2:00 CST.

Domestic Shipping Rates: 

First Class

Items weighing les than 3.5 oz. add 3.75

4 to 6 ounces add 5.95

7 to 10 ounces add 6.54

11 to 13 ounces add 3.91

Priority Mail

Flat rate envelope  add 8.75

Small flat rate box add 8.95

Medium flat rate box add 15.65

Large flat rate box add 18.90

 Priority Mail International flat rates Canada         /     All other Countries

Flat rate envelope add 23.95  /  29.50

Small flat rate box add 23.95 /   29.50

Medium flat rate box add 48.25/69.25

Large flat rate box add 62.75 / 89.25

(There are no weight requirements with flat rate postage, if it fits, it ships.)

Our minimum shipping charge is 3.75.

The totals include shipping and handling fees.

MQ and BOMs- 13.95 flat rate per month or 16.95 for 3 months.

Fat 1/4 Club - 16.95

Kits under 4 lbs. that fit in a  flat rate envelope - 16.95


 Yes, we can ship international orders!    Shipping will be figured once order is packaged and weighed and a PayPal money request will be sent to you for the additional shipping charges due.  We ask that you just check out paying the USA shipping fees and we'll be in touch with the additional shipping costs. 


IMPORTANT - please note there may be customs charges on your receiving end. These are federal forms and we choose to be honest in filling these out!  Thanks for understanding

We ship packages destined outside the USA via the US Postal Service. Unfortunately, the US government will not track or insure foreign delivery services... so we cannot insure your packages or guard against any possible Customs delays.  We see international shipments taking as long as 30 days to clear customs and reach it's destination.  Please allow this amount of time in receiving your orders.

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